Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn in my garden

Some pictures of my trees in autumn colours.

This is a Carpinus Betulus, I've collected for 3 years ago. I've just planted in a big pot in the 1st year. In the 2nd year I've made a rootgrafting to make better the neagari.

An another Carpinus. Collected for 8 or 7 yeasr ago. Maybe in the next spring I'll put in a bonsai pot. In every 2nd year I make leaf pruning, to reach a fine branch systeme.

An Acer Campestre in shohin size. First of all, I have to grow a trunk, after the branches.

An another Acer Campestre.

And another. The last two acer has maybe my daugther Rozi. She remember exactly ...
It's all the same. They have an iteresting trunk.

This is a kind of Prunus, in bunjin style. The next spring I put in a bonsai pot, wireing the branches in the correct position.

This is a Prunus Mahaleb. I collected for 2 years ago accidentally. I've just seen how deep groving the roots, but it was stay in my hand.

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