Wednesday, November 10, 2010

accent plant and play with clay

For a few years ago, I made some pots myself. Just for fun and because I didn't find the right pot for some trees of mine. For today the clay is over, it was the end. I made this pot during few minutes, and I burned in an old stove.

And this Sempervivum we've find on a rock. I took in the most hot pot.

It's good to see the end of my work.

hornbeam yamadoris

In the former post, I talk about some Hornbeam yamadoris.
The 1st one is a shohin size tree, in hokidachi style, the diameter of the trunk is cca 3-4 cm, the heigt is 22-25 cm.

The 2nd is a little bit bigger tre, but has a great potential. The height is 35-40 cm, cca 70 cm wide, diameter of the trunk cca 7 cm. And has a lucky root system. On the pictures you can see, how flat is.

The trunk looks like the old Hornbeams, with beautifull ribs (I'm not sure the english name), that runs from the roots, to the branches.

fall yamadoris

In the last few weeks, weekends I've made some yamadori huntings. I've collected some Ashes (Fraxinus Ornus) and European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus). The trees comes from different areas, but both are meadows.
The Ashes are in size of shohin, the bigest is maybe cca 25 cm.

So the first one is a kengai, or gaito-kengai style tree. There's not too much to do.

The 2nd is a more trunk tree with 15-17 cm height.

The 3rd and 4th is a two trunk, sokan tree, in different sizes.

And now, waiting for the spring ...

Friday, August 13, 2010

too rustic bonsai frog - handmade pots from hungary

I would like to make some publicity to my friend Bálint.
He's not a potter, he's a bonsai enthusiast, who made him own pots. All of the pots are hand made, most of the pots made to specifc bonsai trees. I know, that in Europe, this is not a big thing, but in Hungary at time this is uncommon.
Please visite him blogsite and and tell your opinion.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carpinus restyled

I've wired the Carpinus.
It's not finished, but there are some strong curves, that injured the bark. So I waiting a little bit.

And some skeches from the future.

In this skech man can see the problematic points. The branches No.1., and 2. growing in wrong direction. The angle of branch No.3. is not so good. And with the red arrow signed point on the right side is also a big problem. Here the two branches or trunks growing first wide, and after close to each other, and again wide.

On this skech man can see, what is my idea. The two branches make close paralell, the bigger branch or trunk curve to the first branch. With this movement can be harmonic the crown.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ulmus - more reloaded

After the restyling this tree, I made this imagine:

Maybe without the 1st and 2nd branches (the white branches) the conception will be stronger. Maybe in a moon pot, or in a stone. The tree need a pot with a strong character. The bark is smooth, the branch system is clear, the spring leafs are light green, so I think a strong pot can deepen the conception.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ulmus - reloaded

In 2008 fall I bought this Ulmus. This is a typical chinese mass product, but has a stirrin trunk. I saw something in this tree, but I knew, I'll transform it.

With the original view I has only this wrong quality picture, but you can see, that is a mass product.

The next two pictures show the Ulmus after the the winter, befor the restyle. You can see, that I totaly changed the trunk angle. The root system was onesided, so it wasn't hard to change the angle. That I've made for a year ago. On next pictures you can see, the work, that I've made in this year.

Maybe I'll cut the first branch. I think it disturb the harmony. But I'm not sure. Somebody?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


This story is about 7 years old. This is my first yamadori. The brother of this Carpinus (I collected the both tree in one day) in the last year has died, cause of a wrong time transplantation.
A good while groving in a big plastic container, for two years ago I put in a thick plastic pot, for the root training.
In this year I wired all the branches, this is the end:

This is the front, with some little errors, but in the sommer I can make better. Some of the branches flow over the contour of the tre, but has no leaves, only on the end of the branch. I need to wait the new buds.

This is the backside. For a long time, I think this is the front of the tree, but in the upper third, there is a branch, that cross the trunk. I don't want to cut them, because it's important for the overall picture, so I turned it.

I have ordered the pot for this tree, but I think, I don't transplant it in this year. It's too late. In the early june I make a leafcutting.In every two years I do this method, it has a good effect, the internodium will be close, and leafs will be smaller.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Virtual workshop

I've this Carpinus Betulus. I collected for 4-5 years ago. At first looks, the best way is a kengai or han-kengai style, but the trunk is too fat for curve. There's no enough thick wire, for a 3-4 cm thick trunk. I dont want use a bandage, because it's not a needle tree, the trunk has everywhere buds.
So i'm curious, what you mean. I take up some pictures, and some drawings, about my impression. When you have lust for get in the styling, send me your opinion in a draw.
My mail adress:
So, the picures:

From left

From right

From up the branch system

And some drawings:

So, let's talk about it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carpinus Betulus Yamadori

At last weekend i've collected this tree. It is apx. 70 cm tall, and wide . It was groving on a glade in the forest, and apparent that picked by deers from many years ago.

Has a very compact rootball, and a close branchsystem. I think it's a very good prebonsai. When
it still alive, 3-4 years after i can put in a ceramic pot.

The most important things to do, make a new top. The present top is too straight and has few branches. There are 2 branches, from i can create the new top.

Thay have 2 trunks. At this time I don't know, what will I do with it. Maybe I keep both of them, but truely, it's not so important.