Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carpinus Betulus Yamadori

At last weekend i've collected this tree. It is apx. 70 cm tall, and wide . It was groving on a glade in the forest, and apparent that picked by deers from many years ago.

Has a very compact rootball, and a close branchsystem. I think it's a very good prebonsai. When
it still alive, 3-4 years after i can put in a ceramic pot.

The most important things to do, make a new top. The present top is too straight and has few branches. There are 2 branches, from i can create the new top.

Thay have 2 trunks. At this time I don't know, what will I do with it. Maybe I keep both of them, but truely, it's not so important.


  1. Hi Balázs,

    nice catch, man! The root-bale is looking good and I´m sure that this tree is going to survive.

    Did you also use "Fibotherm" or "Maxit-Clay" for substrate?

    Funky Greetings,

  2. Hi Igor!
    Thanks! No, I use at this time gravel and potting compost, with 10% natural fertilizer (dung). The things you sad I dont know. In hungary the most widespread between bonsai funs the gravel with 4-8 mm grain or grit in the same grain and the akadama of course. Some use cat litter, that realy same as akadama, but much cheaper.
    Oh! I look what the Fibotherm or Maxit-Clay is! Yes, some of my friend put this thing to the ground of bonsais.
    Up to now I used gravel and compost mixture, 60-40, but in this year I'll try the cat litter also, with more gravel. I read by Walter Pall, how important the airing of roots. So, we will see it!
    Spring Greeting,