Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ulmus - reloaded

In 2008 fall I bought this Ulmus. This is a typical chinese mass product, but has a stirrin trunk. I saw something in this tree, but I knew, I'll transform it.

With the original view I has only this wrong quality picture, but you can see, that is a mass product.

The next two pictures show the Ulmus after the the winter, befor the restyle. You can see, that I totaly changed the trunk angle. The root system was onesided, so it wasn't hard to change the angle. That I've made for a year ago. On next pictures you can see, the work, that I've made in this year.

Maybe I'll cut the first branch. I think it disturb the harmony. But I'm not sure. Somebody?


  1. Hi Balázs,

    my compliments for the very fresh styling!!! You got the maximum out of this kind of material. In a few years it will become a quite interesting cascade. BRAVO!

    Greetings from Austria,

  2. Thanks Igor!
    I like the same things, with an interesting turn make much better a common tree. A mass product, like this one, has a poor value, but with your own work, can be valuable. See the next post! I put a skech!