Saturday, April 10, 2010


This story is about 7 years old. This is my first yamadori. The brother of this Carpinus (I collected the both tree in one day) in the last year has died, cause of a wrong time transplantation.
A good while groving in a big plastic container, for two years ago I put in a thick plastic pot, for the root training.
In this year I wired all the branches, this is the end:

This is the front, with some little errors, but in the sommer I can make better. Some of the branches flow over the contour of the tre, but has no leaves, only on the end of the branch. I need to wait the new buds.

This is the backside. For a long time, I think this is the front of the tree, but in the upper third, there is a branch, that cross the trunk. I don't want to cut them, because it's important for the overall picture, so I turned it.

I have ordered the pot for this tree, but I think, I don't transplant it in this year. It's too late. In the early june I make a leafcutting.In every two years I do this method, it has a good effect, the internodium will be close, and leafs will be smaller.

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  1. Hi Balázs,

    nice little tree. You´re right, now it´s absulutely too late for transplanting ... But we "bonsaipeople" have time :) I´m looking forward to see the progressions with leafcutting.